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We produce your Anti-Vibration Parts exactly according your technical drawing and / or your sample.
Since centuries we develop - together with our clients - innovative technologies in order to guarantee an optimum performance of your Anti-Vibration parts.

Our products already found world-wide applications in the following industries:
Rubber Parts- Automotive Industry
- Building Industry
- Industrial Machine Lines
- Chemical Factories
- Aircraft construction, Aviation and Aerospace Industry
- Rail Vehicles
- Shipbuilding
- Tunnel Construction

Hall 1 ToolingWe offer you a wide scale of Elastomers and Mixtures, whereby you can rely on the technical advise of our own R&D.
But also we can produce your Anti-Vibration Parts according your own rubber formulation .
In any case, resistance against chemicals, oil and weather are technical requirements which we face each day.
We compete against highest demand.

Also for metals and alloys we are your competent partner, as those are treated in our own workshops.
Anti-Corrosion e.g. is a topic for us, as we can rely successfully on the product line COFERZOL Corrosion Inhibitors of our European partner group Cofermin Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.
Rubber Products, Rubber Bellows
We do not have a standard program of Anti-Vibration Parts, but our more than 300 employees are keen to solve your problems.
We are quality-certified according to ISO 9000.
But we also take best care of your budget by granting you our advantageous  frame conditions.
“RELIABILITY and FLEXIBILITY”  is not a contradiction for us.
Please test us and our Anti-Vibration Parts

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