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ISO 9000 certified
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Rubber BellowsWe produce your O-Rings from elastomers and rubber-metal-combinations exactly according your technical drawing and / or your sample.
Since centuries we develop - together with our clients - innovative technologies in order to guarantee an optimum performance of your O-Rings.
Our factories are quality-certified according to ISO 9000.

Rubber Products, Rubber Bellows
We offer you a wide scale of elastomers and own mixtures, whereby you can rely on technical advise of our own R&D.
But also we can produce your O-Rings according your own rubber formulation .

In any case, resistance against many chemicals, oil and weather are technical requirements which we face each day.
In O-Rings and other Rubber Parts we always compete against highest demand.

Rubber Parts and rubber-metal parts
Also for metals and alloys we are your competent partner, as those are treated in our own workshops.
Anticorrosion e.g. is a topic for us, as we can rely successfully  on the proven product line COFERZOL of our European partner group Cofermin, Germany.

We do not have a standard program of O-Rings, but our more than 300 employees are keen to solve your problems.
“RELIABILITY and FLEXIBILITY”  is not a contradiction for us.

But we also take best care of your budget by granting you our advantageous  frame conditions.

Please test us and our O-Rings

Hall 1 Tooling
We invite you to visit our factories in the South-Indian Chennai ( formerly known as Madras ) so that you can get your own picture about our facilities and about our company’s philosophy.

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